Showroom Radzymińska, ul. Radzymińska 202A, 03-674 Warsaw, Poland
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About Us

Showroom Radzymińska is a brand created by BR Wykładziny. We have noticed that there was a need on the market for a place offering all kinds of finishing products, but focusing foremost on floors and walls. We take great care to ensure that our Customers can find the greatest possible variety of interesting products in our showroom.

We have been active on the market since 1991.

We have grown out of a 20-year-long handicraft tradition, which makes us uniquely qualified to make sure that all products we offer to our Customers – from carpeting, through made-to-order rugs, to textile and aluminium doormats – are of the highest quality.

We sell both finished products and tailored-made products prepared for special orders. As a family company, we place great emphasis on maintaining good relationships with our Customers. Our long history allowed us to create a brand which is widely associated with such qualities as reliability, dependability, and high-quality.

We actively support the development of the Polish Association of Floor Layers (PSP).

We have built our business on the following foundations:

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