Showroom Radzymińska, ul. Radzymińska 202A, 03-674 Warsaw, Poland
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What does Radzymińska Showroom offer its Customers?

Our most important selling point is our wide range of products which include vinyl, wooden, and laminated floors, as well as carpets and rugs, and a variety of other products.

Many years of experience in the industry allow us to successfully predict what Customers expect from us. That is why we have designed our showroom and offer in such a way as to provide comprehensive solutions for everyone. To be more exact, we make the following guarantees:

  • we offer the highest quality carpets and rugs which can meet the expectations of even the most demanding of individual Customers,
  • we cooperate with the best brands which offer floors, carpets, and rugs,
  • we provide access to the best accessories which guarantee that our Customers can finish their floors properly,
  • we offer consultancy services at every stage of products selection.

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