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Finishing stripes

Skirting boards allow you to finish the floor in an effective way and grant it a fully defined shape. They connect walls with floors, and are not only a form of decoration, but also a protective measure, shielding walls from damage and dirt, e.g. when floor is washed with a mop. It is worth choosing high-quality finishing strips, because only good products will be able to perform the above-mentioned functions in a satisfactory manner.

The finishing strips available in our offer are produced by such companies as:

  • Doellken,
  • Prestige Decor,
  • and Effector.

We guarantee that all the above-listed companies are high-class producers that offer excellent, high-quality and visually pleasing solutions.

The finishing strips they offer have the following desirable features:

  • They are made of high quality materials,
  • They are available in various colours, widths and shapes,
  • They are sold at attractive prices, adequate to their quality,
  • They are durable and difficult to damage.

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