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Vinyl panels / LVT

Panele winylowe w ofercie Showroom Radzymińska Warszawa

Panele winylowe w ofercie Showroom Radzymińska Warszawa

Vinyl panels in the Showroom Radzymińska Warsaw

Vinyl tiles (LVT), panels and floors are becoming increasingly popular due to the versatility of their applications. They are resistant to abrasion and problem-free in installation, fitting perfectly into living rooms and hallways. They can also imitate wood perfectly in bathrooms and kitchens. The functionality of this material goes hand in hand with its amazing design that appeals to many homeowners and investors. Vinyl floors can have various sizes and shapes, and different levels of thickness.

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles which promise truly deluxe quality of floors, as they can imitate many different materials, including wood, gres or stone.

We offer our Customers a wide selection of vinyl panels produced by the best manufacturers, such as:

What are the advantages of vinyl floors?

  • They are water resistant,
  • They are resistant to abrasion, scratches and any damage,
  • They guarantee good acoustics,
  • They have high aesthetic values,
  • They are comfortable,
  • They are easy to install,
  • They are easy to maintain,
  • They offer thermal comfort for users.

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