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Textile and aluminium doormats

Textile and aluminium doormats are foremost meant to effectively collect and remove various types of dirt and waste, and prevent people from carrying them into buildings or rooms. They help keep all kinds of areas clean. High level of pedestrian traffic (especially in bad weather) can negatively affect the appearance of rooms in offices and commercial buildings, which can be helped by placing a textile or aluminium doormat in front of the entrance to a particular building or room, as the doormat will help to remove most of the dirt from the bottom of visitors’ footwear. Thus, keeping specific rooms clean will become much simpler.

Textile and aluminium doormats are perfect for such places as:

  • airports,
  • large shopping centres,
  • offices,
  • hotels,
  • food and entertainment facilities,
  • shops, as well as
  • one-family houses.

We offer modular doormats and aluminium flooring on request

Our offer includes also doormats sold in rolls that can be cut into sizes and adapted to your needs. Different sizes of modular doormats are also available, and aluminium doormats can be also prepared on request. The Customer can decide on the most appropriate solution that meets their expectations.

All doormats available in our offer are characterised by high quality, top-class cleaning systems, and exceptional levels of durability. Therefore, they serve our Customer without any problems for many years. Aluminium doormats are the most optimal solution out of all available options.

What are the advantages of textile and aluminium doormats?

  • They are resistant to wear-and-tear, and disfiguring.
  • They are also highly durable.
  • They contain a self-cleaning system which makes it possible to effectively deal with dirt and waste.
  • They can be used both inside and outside buildings.
  • They are easy to clean thanks to the wet and dry cleaning options.
  • They look great.

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