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PCV flooring / linoleum

Do you want to make sure that the floor in your building or facility is pleasant to the touch? Opt for PVC flooring / linoleum – they are easy to keep clean, and much more pleasant, because they offer greater thermal comfort than stone or gres. Such materials are used primarily in public utility buildings, mainly because they are resistant to the wear-and-tear caused by heavy pedestrian traffic. They work great at such places as:

  • schools,
  • health care facilities,
  • shops,
  • and store chains.

It is also worth noting that PVC flooring is a good option for many individual Customers due to their broad availability and attractive prices. Both those qualities are also easily noticeable in our offer.

PVC flooring can be divided into:

  • Homogeneous PVC flooring which contains many fillers that increase the weight of the floorings, but unfortunately do not improve the durability. On the contrary. If you want a floor covering that is durable, choose a lower weight option.
  • Heterogeneous PVC flooring which constitutes a multi-layer floor covering consisting of at least 3 layers: PVC, decorative, and industrial layers, as well as a layer of primer. Its unique structure provides it with a truly unique appearance. The most popular types of PVC flooring are at least 0.5 mm thick, which affects their durability as well as their resistance levels.

Linoleum is …

…a much more durable material than any PVC flooring (it becomes harder with time). It can be successfully used over underfloor heating systems. The linoleum surface is warm, flexible and non-slip. It is also highly resistant to dirt, which means that there are no problems with keeping the floors clean. About 80% of linoleum is made of natural and unprocessed materials.

Linoleum can be used in:

  • communication routes,
  • medical facilities,
  • school facilities,
  • flats, as well as
  • companies and enterprises.

Why should you introduce flexible flooring into your home?

  • Most importantly, it is universal and durable.
  • Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean.
  • It is also available in a wide range of colours and attractive designs.
  • Flexible flooring can imitate tiles, floorboards or parquet.

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