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Laminated panels

Laminated panels are an alternative to wooden floors. At first glance, they do not differ from the popular wooden floorboards, but their construction is completely different. What is the secret of their popularity? The answer lies in their very attractive price combined with high quality.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in laminated panels, you are in the right place. The laminated floors available in our showroom are produced by such reputable manufacturers as:

  • UPline,
  • and Starfloor.

The best products offered at attractive prices will allow you to create the floor of your dreams – beautiful to look at and very durable.

Why should you opt for laminated panels?

  • They offer a wide selection of designs and colours that will allow you to find the perfect floor for virtually any interior design.
  • Laminated floors are available at attractive prices which are much lower than the prices of their wooden counterparts.
  • Laminated panels are highly durable, resistant to UV radiation, as well as scratches and dirt.

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