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Carpet are soft, resilient, and visually attractive, and offer protection against noise and cold. They are commonly found in bedrooms of many private homes, where thermal comfort and softness of the surface are especially desirable features. It is also worth noting that carpets are made of very safe materials, are not slippery, and can also effectively secure and cushion falls.

The carpeting options available in our showroom include products of the following manufacturers:

  • Best Wool,
  • Lano,
  • Balsan,
  • SmartStrand,
  • Edel,
  • and Belakos.

Why are carpets so popular?

  • They are flexible and dampen sounds.
  • They do not attract dust and are easy to clean.
  • Floor heating systems can be installed underneath them.
  • They work great in rooms designed for children, as kids love to play on the floor.
  • Carpets are also good solutions for virtually all rooms in the entire home, except for rooms which are exposed to moisture.

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