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How to choose the perfect vinyl planks for your living room?

How to choose the perfect vinyl planks for your living room?

Vinyl planks are an interesting, inexpensive alternative to traditional wooden floors. They will work well in the living room, hall and kitchen, among others. What should you consider when choosing the right flooring? We give you a hint!

Why are vinyl panels the perfect solution for your apartment? Products of this type are extremely durable and resistant to all types of mechanical damage, which we often encounter in this type of interiors. Even if a drink is spilled on such panels, a heavy object is dropped, or a dog or cat runs on them every day, they should not be damaged. To ensure long-term durability of such panels, it is worth ensuring that the thickness of the wearing layer is at least 0.3 millimeters.

What else should ideal vinyl panels for an apartment or house have? It is worth having a non-slip surface. Thanks to this, small children and elderly people will be able to move around them without any worries. The undoubted advantage of vinyl panels is that they are easy to keep clean. If soup or wine is spilled on such a floor during an everyday dinner, party or family celebration, this type of dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

When choosing vinyl panels for the living room, special attention should be paid to the style of the room. Lovers of classics will certainly like models that are a faithful imitation of one of the types of wood – oak, birch or pine. Panels that look like marble or concrete will perfectly match modern arrangements.

Vinyl panels in the kitchen and bathroom?

Where else can vinyl panels be used? Due to their water resistance, they are an ideal solution for the kitchen or bathroom. You can also often meet them in offices, hotels, restaurants and public facilities.