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Vinyl panels and their advantages

Vinyl panels and their advantages

Vinyl panels are a popular solution that can be found more and more often in modern interior designs. What are their main advantages?

Vinyl panels are available in many different versions, which makes it much easier to match them to the design of a given interior. We can choose from models that faithfully imitate wood or stone. On the market you can also find panels covered with various types of abstract patterns. They can be in subdued or expressive colors. Such panels will work well in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or hall, as well as in a restaurant, hotel or shopping mall.

Another undoubted advantage of vinyl panels is their quick and easy installation. Products of this type are also characterized by very high resistance to mechanical damage, such as scratches, which makes them an ideal solution for pet owners. Even if a heavy object falls on such panels, they will not be damaged. They are also not afraid of discoloration. It is also worth mentioning here that vinyl panels are waterproof, which means they can be successfully used in the bathroom or kitchen.

Keeping vinyl planks clean

The advantages of this type of panels also include ease of keeping clean. To maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years, just remember to vacuum them regularly and wipe them with a damp cloth. This type of floor covering does not require specialized maintenance or impregnation. It does not have to be sanded either.

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Vinyl panels are very often chosen by owners of apartments in blocks of flats. This is due to their good acoustic insulation properties. When walking on this type of floor in shoes, we do not experience the characteristic knocking effect. Vinyl flooring is also much warmer for the feet than, for example, ceramic tiles or laminate. As this type of panels have anti-slip properties, children and the elderly can move on them safely.