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Vinyl panels – what is worth knowing about them?

Vinyl panels – what is worth knowing about them?

Vinyl panels are an alternative to wooden and laminated floors. What else is worth knowing about them?

Vinyl is a flexible, waterproof material, which makes it an ideal solution for the kitchen or bathroom. This property makes it much easier to keep the floor clean. As vinyl floors are flexible and quiet, they will work very well in children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. It is also a great solution for apartments in blocks of flats.

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The flexible property of vinyl effectively increases its resistance to damage. Even if a heavy object falls on the panels made of it, they will not be permanently damaged. Vinyl panels can be successfully used to refresh the interior without having to remove the old floor. This makes them an ideal solution for people who want to carry out a quick, minimally invasive renovation.

The undoubted advantages of vinyl floors include the fact that they can be used with underfloor heating.

Durability of vinyl panels

The durability of a vinyl floor is greatly influenced by the method of installation. Vinyl floors can have different abrasion classes, which depend on the thickness of the outer wear layer covering the floor. The higher the number, the thicker the outer surface and, consequently, the more durable the floor.

In terms of construction, vinyl floors can be divided into glued vinyl panels and click vinyl panels, intended as a floating system. Vinyl floors are available in many different colors, which makes it easy to match them to the arrangement of a given room. They can be, among others, an imitation of wood, stone or rusty sheet metal.